peepSHOW is an urban viewing station that focuses the gaze and thoughts of passersby onto obscure or concealed street scenes. The structure builds on the notion of a birding platform or scenic overlook but centers this action in a dense city context, allowing for the contemplation of the urban habitat. Creating moments for the user to focus their gaze onto their surroundings, peepSHOW spurs experience and conversation, ultimately acting as an equalizer on a gritty street corner.

Conceived of as a tunnel with plywood sections faced with a reflective surface interlocked with round biscuit joints , peepSHOW was CNC fabricated after community engagement sessions, materials testing, and several mock-ups. It was installed on Market Street at Jones for three days and nights during the Market Street Prototyping Festival in SF and was chosen to be installed for a 2 year period on Market Street.

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Autodesk Process Film

San Francisco Chronicle Interview

A collaboration with Joel Millar, Marc Pembroke, Kelly Gregory, Taylor Dearinger, Won Young Kim, Carolina Barnes. Images by Mariko Reed and Michael Alan Ross