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As practicioners who teach at the undergraduate level, we work with students to bring considered, thoughtful design to communities that have been overlooked. The B.lab program at the Academy of Art in SF was formed as a community based design studio, to foster equity and advocacy for future practice among architecture students.

B.Lab Community Based Design Projects
Our work founding and running the B.lab program has resulted in 8 structures built through a participatory and hands-on process in the Bayview nieghborhood of SF. All of these were built in partnership with neighbors, kids and local nonprofits.

These include:
  • a gathering space for a women’s empowerment group
  • a mobile cart that serves coffee to and spurs conversations with unhoused folks 
  • flexible pods created to bring joy, distribute produce and reduce stigma at a food pantry
  • a pavilion for growing, cooking and storytelling in a community garden
  • a set of interlocking modules coded witha ground mural to provide an intergenerational space for play and exploration in the courtyard of an affordable housing project.

Unity Pavilion Process and Construction 

Point Perch Process and Construction

Kid of Parts Process


We love to build agency by teaching and engaging with youth and the next generation and workshops and community outreach are a critical component of our practice. While not possible with every project, we look for ways to integrate them into the design process. Our past workshops have focused on high school aged youth, with an emphasis on climate justice related issues. In Bosnia and India, we used design as a tool to start conversations and promote agency among local youth. Over the course of a few days, using recycled materials, local high school students designed and built small “parklets” that contained air quality monitors to draw attention to the poor air quality in their towns.

Bangalore Parikrma School Design Workshop

Bosnia Clean Air Design Build Workshop

CardinalBotics Workshops