The Guerrilla Coffee Unit (GCU) refutes the gentrified, high end coffee-laden streetscapes by creating a free urban kitchen table and sanctuary for the city’s ever-more visible homeless population.

The GCU creates a new safe space to converse, listen and tell stories by giving someone on the street a literal place to sit, a warm cup of coffee, and someone to listen to.

We posit that the GCU has the potential to be a tool for advocacy of the state of homelessness, to promote communication between the sheltered and the un-sheltered, and create community space, however small and transient.

This project was designed and built in the Second year undergraduate Fall 2017 studio at AAU
taught by Sameena Sitabkhan and Doron Serban

Students: Stella Buckmann de Lima Netto, Yuanyuan Chen, Pablo Delarosa, Raul Higuera, Woohyung Kim, Erick Luna, Wenjie Lie, Zed Malmoux, Benjy Michel, Adam Nuru, Andrae Sanders, Markish Siojo, Nahoua Christian Jean-Raymond Sorho, Carrarheina Tjoa, Francisco Toca-Madrid, Robert Villanueva, Bobby Wijaya, Yang Xi, Shuangrong Zhong