We build agency by teaching and engaging with youth and the next generation. Our workshops often focus
on youth of color with an emphasis on climate justice related issues. In Bosnia and India, we were invited by the US state department and the Parikrma School in Bangalore to use design as a tool to start conversations and promote agency among local youth.  In Bosnia, over the course of a few days, using recycled materials, local high school students designed and built small “parklets” that contained air quality monitors to draw attention to the poor air quality in their towns. In India, we worked with middle school students to create spatial art pieces using months worth of collected plastics to create awareness around recycling. 

We recently completed a workshop with the Cardinalbotics team at SFUSD to help students design a robotics lab for their team and also bring STEM learning to the larger youth community in SF. Our workshops focused on involving them in the design process and giving them political capital to truly own the project, which in turn strengthened the proposal.  

Through our work leading the AAU school of architecture’s B.lab program, we’ve also run workshops throughout San Francisco.